Coolant Leak 2002 Ford Focus


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Coolant Leak 2002 Ford Focus

2002 Ford Focus SE, 4cy, 2.0 Zetec

Leaking coolant from "around" the pump. Hoses are fine, heater works fine but with coolant smell. Has nearly overheated once, but if I replenish the overflow I'm good for the short drive to work, temp gauge stays in nominal range. Can't see the exact source of the leak, distributor is in the way. Any tips to determine the culprit before I start removing things?
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IS this a Ford Problem

I just had to replace on the of freeze plugs in my 99 Taurus because it was leaking water and coolant. It's a possibility, and if this is the fault, it could be really cheap and really expensive depending on the location of the plug.

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