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i have a 89 chevy van and my tranny suddenly gave out on me,,is this normal that it goes out without any warning?all liquids are good.. it went out suddly overnight...i used it at 5:00 am and it was working great, tried to use my van at 5:00 pm ( it sat without running from 5:30 am - 5:00 pm ) and nothing,,,i only had reverse but only for 5 mins......pls help
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Is the van stock? without anyone jacking it up, putting in another length driveshaft, etc.? Something that could cause motor to rear wheel separation (no longer a link up).

Automatic I presume?

Rear wheel drive?

You did check the fluid AFTER this unfortunate fact also, right?

Short of the first line, it seems to me that the issue is tranny fluid related either in loss or blockage to the part that sends it through the...whatayacallit thing. (I forget what they call it, that part that looks like a maze with all the passages in it.) Or that which actually drives it through the passageways.

Can't wait to hear from others that might have a better handle on trannies.
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when was the last time you had tranny filter changed.

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