Car Wont Start...


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Car Wont Start...

First things first; the car is a 2003 Mustang V6 (3.8L) with a 5 Speed

I pulled into a gas station and when I went to leave the car wouldn't start...

I turn the key and I get NOTHING; the starter doesn't click, or spin or anything...i get NOTHING; I had a couple guys push me and bump start me...i looked at a schematic for the clutch start switch and it controls the current to the ignition switch; so since i was able to push start, i've ruled out that switch...the battery is good; reading lots of juice and I even tried boosting it with another car...I've checked all the relays and fuses; they're all fine...I went underneath and all the wires going to the starter/starter solenoid are fine and in place...and i dont think it's the starter itself since i should hear at least one of the 2 windings trying to engage the pinion...unless both the pull-in and hold-in windings are fried; but i know the odds of that are slim to none...

Anyone have any thoughts?
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It has to be the starter

Most probably the starter is dead (even though the electrical connections are good). I dont see any other possibilities.
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sounds like a starter problem or the relay that controls it. with the engine running turn the key to start, if it makes a noise, maybe not a starter problem, none , have it checked out as well as the relay. check this out and let us know how it works out, we are here to help,

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car won't start

Been there, I would first check that the battery terminals do not have corrosion inside them. Pull the terminals and run some steel wool or fine sandpaper around in them and on the battery terminals. Sometimes corrosion will build overtime and end conductivity. Also, make sure the cables are also not internally corroded where they meet the terminal lugs. Both have given me some starting problems in the past.
If that is ruled out, you probably have a bad spot in the starter. Sometimes a good whack with a wrench can clear it or consider replacing the starter.
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Do the keys have chip in them if so check chip in key.
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It's kind of new to be having starter problems, and if I remember right, it's kind of a dry area to be having corrosion problems after three years

I'd look into the security system
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If the Security System is the problem than the THEFT light should be BLINKING FAST! I have seen the wires break off the key transmitter connector under the dash.
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Turned out to be the starter after all!

Thanks for all your input everyone!

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