to clean or not to clean???


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Question to clean or not to clean???

i recently did some work with my radiator and other coollant related items in my car to stop the leaking and spilled quite a lot of coolant, so now every time i run the car i smell burning coolant and i cant tell if i still have a lead or if it is just the coolant i spilled burning. sooo i was wondering if it is a good idea to steam clean my engine? i have friend who do this regularly and say that their car is fine afterwards but i am worried about corrosion on solenoids and other sensors and the like, what do you guys think?????
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just a little

Just turn on the hose a little and clean parts were there is no electical stuff NO pressure wash. Try to stay away from all electical connections. After you are done drive car to dry it all.
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Just use a garden hose, don't pressure wash. You should be able to hose down the entire engine compartment.
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I've used a degreaser before. There are many popular brands available at the local parts shop. Either pressurized aerosol or just squeeze bottle type.

I spray it on when the engine is warm--not hot. Let it sit for 1/2 hour or 45 minutes. Use a paint brush to work large chunks of goop and grease off. Hook a garden hose up to your hot water heater, and rinse it off.

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