01 Crown Vic LX Vent Question


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01 Crown Vic LX Vent Question

I have a 2001 Crown Victoria LX, and recently the fan has stopped working. If the car is being drove and the AC is on, I can still feel the cool air coming from the vent. However the fan is not pushing the air in the car. There is a wheel that controls the fan's power that I had to move up and down a lot at first to get the fan to come on. This now does not work, does any one have any suggestions as to what might be the problem?
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Check the blower motor controller. It's in the Evaporator Case behind the right valve cover. Tap on it while the blower motor speed is on. If it starts working replace controller. Seen this alot.
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If you ask me I would say your blower motor resistor is bad. It controls the speed of the motor and it should be located close to the motor on the passanger side under the glove box.
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Thats what a controller is. Electronic!

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