Chevy 4x4 Problems


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Unhappy Chevy 1500.. HELP

OK, i have a 1992 chevy 1500 4x4 5.7L. I blow out the fuses for my 4x4. I can engage it and it clicks in, but when i go, the fuse blows out. I replaced the actuator and it did the same thing
(100 bucks at Napa...gone, if anybody works at napa, can i still return it even though i put it in?) Anyways, i don't know what the problem is, is their any other electronic components down their or is it just faulty wiring somewhere?

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Get it to a shop for a qualified diagnostic, not a DIY in my opinion , like somebody said here get a good diagnostic before you just start throwing parts at it
I used to own a K1500 Suburban 5.7 L Auto, now we have a 2000 K2500 Suburban and 4x4 are the way to go
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If the fuse did not blow when disconnecting the actuator and then engaging the four wheel drive, and replacing the actuator didn't help, are you sure you replaced the correct part? Personally I wouldn't put an aftermarket part in my vehicle, but that's me...anyway, there's a possibility the wire to the front axle indicator lamp might have a short to ground somewhere, as this circuit also was not energized when you did the previously stated test. You might try lifting the four wheel drive shifter trim piece and seeing if where the wire goes between it and the floor board is chaffed to ground.
Actually you can eliminate the circuit to the indicator lamp by disconnecting the indicator switch, which is the other, small two wire switch on the front axle. Try disconnecting that switch and engage the four wheel drive to see if fuse blows. Then verify four wheel drive operation. If the fuse stays good, the circuit to the indicator lamp or the indicator switch is shorted.

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works... so far

OK, i tugged at the wires underneath by the actuator and re-routed them, whoever put the exhaust in had them right next to the heads. I routed them away and then plugged back into the actuator, and so far it works, no more blowing fuse, i must have a short to ground somewhere inside the plastic casing, i'll look tomorrow if i can find it. It would make sense that with them being so close to the heads that it probably heated through and was shorting on the exhaust. I hope.

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