Fuel Filter Replacement - 96 Accord


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Fuel Filter Replacement - 96 Accord

I tried changing the fuel filter on my 96 Honda Accord 4cyl non-vtec, but had no luck. I removed the top pipe and a few other hoses to give me some working room. I spent a couple hours trying to break it free of the bottom pipe, but I couldn't get it to move. There is no conceivable way of reaching the bottom pipe from the underside of the car. I have a limited amount of tools so I'm not sure if there is a specific one needed to get he job done, I've got your basic socket set and wrenches.

I'm willing to try it again if anyone has some tips, the Haynes repair manual I have was pretty worthless on the subject. I'd hate to have to take it to a mechanic for such a seemingly simple job. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Check if the AutoZone info is any better:

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It does go into more depth, but I don't think it covers my model; all the diagrams looked foreign to me.

Thanks though
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sometimes to get that flare nut loose requires a crowsfoot line wrench with a long extension and a quick hit with an impact form underneath. may need to see your local mech.
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avoid the hassle

wait until your next oil change is due and take it to a qualified lube shop and have them change the fuel filter as well, they're usually cheap and they have all the tools to do the job.
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yea I think I'll take your advise, I like to be able to do things myself as much as possible though. Thanks

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