Cavalier speedometer problem


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Cavalier speedometer problem

Yesterday I took my 1999 Chevy Cavalier (automatic, very low mileage) to the dealership for an oil change and tire rotation.

That evening, as I drove away from the dealership, I noticed that the car didn't seem to be accelerating as usual. I glanced at the dashboard and saw that the speedometer was dead. I immediately returned the car to the dealership.

This morning the service manager told me that she'd drive the car and get back to me later today. I'd like to be armed with enough information to avoid having them take unfair advantage of me. Your thoughts?
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Yup, access to the oil filter on that car isn't too handy, especially an automatic. The filter needs to be navigated past the wiring to the vehicle speed sensor. It's possible the wires got disturbed in the process.
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Steven is right!

OP here. The service tech said that he might have inadvertently disconnected the speedo cable when he was replacing the oil filter. It was a quick and easy fix, and I have my car again. yippee!

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