Replacing brake pads on a 77 ford clubwagon


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Replacing brake pads on a 77 ford clubwagon

HI! i'm posting because my husband asked me to call around for quotes and i'm finding that either, 1. the van is too old for them to work on it, or 2. they won't give us a quote we'd have to come in, do the $30 brake inspection and THEN get a quote which i'm guessing is going to be very high... Money is really tight right now, and i'm thinking it couldn't be THAT hard to replace the brake pads. HOWEVER, i thought i'd ask in case anyone has info to the contrary, or any pertinent advice. We are pretty sure its just the pads, and even if not we'll only replace the pads since the van is not really in that great of condition and probably won't last long anyway! thanks much, its a 1977 clubwagon, right now its an 11 seater but i think a bench was added so i think before it was an 8 seater if that helps at all. Its basicaly a large van.

Rebecca <-- clueless non car fixing person :-D
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couldn't be easier.

After removing the wheel, theres one bolt in the retainer wedge, remove it and drive the wedge thru with a hammer and cold chisel lift off the caliper. Use a C-clamp to compress the caliper, put new pads in, the inner pad goes in a cutout on the blind side of the rotor, don't forget the chatter clips go to the rear of the inner pads. It took as long to type this as it does to change one side.
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you should be able to get a quote on replacing pads however the van may very well need more brake work other than pads, when it comes to brakes and the customer either doesnt want to fix the vehicle properly a shop may be hesitant to give you a quote or even work on the van at all.
suggest you try calling around more shops or perhaps your husband can install pads himself if that is all you want done.
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Not so Fast

You're better off paying the $ 30 for a complete quote and diagnostic that trying to fix it yourself with no experience at all.
$ 30 is reasonable for an Estimate, Sears Auto charges a little less I think, replacing pads is not like changing a bulb, you also may need to have discs and/or rotors turned, and bleed or change brake fluid or both.

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