a/c problem olds silhouette


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a/c problem olds silhouette

I tracked down a leak in my a/c line. I think I fixed it but now I need to evacuate the line but I don't know the specs for the two lines nor do I know how much oil to add. If i'm correct the line you add the 134a to is pressurized and the other is neg pressure. can anyone help with this? Also I can't get my hands on a evac pump to rent. I'll purchase one off ebay if needed, but is there a way to use a hand pump like a brake bleeder or the type used for compression test? Specifically it's a 1998 Olds Silhouette ext with a 3400 SOHC. Thanks in advance!
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Well it's a continous loop, just that when it's running, one side has low pressure, and the other side high pressure with a restriction in between. It doesn't matter which you add the freon to if the system is not running. If you want to do it with the engine running, it's not recommended but it's done, you'd want to add to the low side. You'd vacuum to 29 inches if possible. But you can add freon with out vacuuming, not recommended but done.Oh yeah, and not to worry too much about adding oil. Not a big deal if it doesn't get done.

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