05 camry maintainence + prolong??


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05 camry maintainence + prolong??

My 05 camry is 1 years old, with 6K miles on it.

For the first year I have been changing oil every 3 months, basically less and 2K miles on it. I mostly drive in the city. But I do warm the car in the morning and after work (for about 1-2 minutes before running it. I don't if this helps or not.

I use Mobil 5/30 syn. oil with toyota filters.

Q. I am thinking of changing oil only after 6 months as toyota manual says. Any thing wrong here?

Q1. What do you guys think of K&N oil filter? It is $10 filter with semi. syn. filter paper in it. Looks good and heard good thing about it on the net too?

Q2. Do you guys recommend/suggest adding some additives like prolong along with oil change.
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To answer your questions in reverse order, don't add "snake oil".
Basically all modern oil meets or exceeds the needs of your engine.
Second, if you only put on 6K per year, six month changes are fine. Seems like everyone has their own opinion on oil filters. With six month changes I would go with any name brand filter.
Last, and here is another controversy, I don't think that your manual says anything about needing synthetic oil at 3X the cost of mineral oil. With your frequent changes you are spending big bucks for nothing. If you were running in Indy Sunday or changing oil every 10-20 K miles then maybe.
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Use the good stuff, space oil changes out

I drive a '05 Silverado, I use full syntetic too, Mobil 1 with either Mobil 1 or K&N Oil filter on it , I pretty much let the computer tell me when to change oil, normally about every 7K miles , oil comes fairly clean , Can't go wrong with synthetic your engine is protected at higher levels at all time hands down it beats Mineral on everything but cost.
It lubricates better, it gains less viscosity over long drives, it forms less deposits in your engine, it breaks down at a much higher temperature, etc.
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I would skip the "warm-up" unless you live a block from the interstate and plan on being up to highway speed 30 seconds after you turn the key. No real benefit and you're just wasting that $3/gal gas.

Our previous ('95) Camry was still going strong at 175,000 miles on cheap oil changed every 5k miles even though it was theoretically sludge-prone. Toyota engines are pretty hard to kill provided they have proper care.

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