Adding Freon


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Adding Freon

Total newbie question.

I've got a complete recharge and retrofit kit to refill the freon in my 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I am retrofitting R12 A/C to R134a. Can you help me find the low-side service port of the a/c? It says it's located between the compressor and evaporator. Where are these located and how can I spot them?

Thanks in advance.
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well, first you need to have the r12 removed by a qualified person. Then you need to pull a vaccuum on the system before you fill it up with 134a. The connectors should also be changed. You need to use a lubricant compatable with the 134a. there are two main types, PAG and Ester. I recommend the ester.

good luck
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Why are you chainging your refrigerant? Have you lost your charge and cannot find more R-12? If that is the case, you will need to locate and repair the leak before replacing with R-134. The dryer should also be changed out if you lost the charge.

Along the same line, is it permissable to sell or trade existing supplies of R-12? I have about 6 small cans as well as about 15# left over in a larger can, but I no longer have a vehicle which uses the R-12.
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im sure you can probably find someone to buy it dont know if there is any restrictions on the sell of r 12 by an indivual. if you wanted to play it safe you could sell it to anyone that is certified in recovery and recycling of r 12 which is the requirements to purchase it at a store most any shop would have technicians certified for it if you call a few you may find someone interested in buying it.

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