civic won't start


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civic won't start

the battery died on my 1999 automatic transmission honda civic. i couldn't shift the car out of park to try to roll it out of the garage to jump start it. i replaced the battery with no problems. the car now can be shifted out of park, and all the accessories work well. problem is it won't start. all i get is a single "click" sound when i turn the key. i tried jiggling the shifter in park and neutral, but no luck. anything obvious i should be looking for?

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I'm surprised your Honda doesn't have an override, I thought they did. Normally referred to as a shift lock override. It will be a button or slot of some type on the console near the shift lever. Sometimes has a small cover that has to popped off. Dpending on the type, you either push the button or insert a small tool and depress the override. Sometimes they are specifically designed for you to insert your ignition key to actuate, but I don't think Hondas have that set up.

Anyway, you don't have that problem right now, that's just for future reference. Right now you seem to have either a starter problem or a problem with your battery cable/connections either at the battery or at the starter. Start by checking/cleaning all connections. If all you still get is a loud CLACK you likely have a bad starter. One thing to check before you attack the starter, though, is to ensure you have free rotation of the engine. You will need to get a wrench, or better a socket, on the crank pulley bolt and turn the engine to ensure something isn't locked up like one of your accessories. Some parts houses will test starters for free (they hope you'll buy a replacement if yours is bad).
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try hitting the starter (not awfully hard) with a hammer then try starting it. if it works, then replace the starter--its' on its way out
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