broke off header bolts in aluminum head


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broke off header bolts in aluminum head

This is from a motorcycle but thought this might be a better place to post. I drilled one of them completely through and have tried to extract it (using fluted extractors from sears), but it will not budge and eventually the extractor will just slip. What are other options? I have thought about heating it up either by 1. using a propane torch or 2. reinstalling (header since it will still mount with the bolts that didn't break) and running the engine till hot and then quickly taking header off and try to extract. It will come off quickly because after the mounts are attached it is just held on by springs. I figured that the heating may loosen up the bolts since they are steel and the head is aluminum. any thoughts? will using a torch possibly warp it due to uneven heat?
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while you can try appling heat by using a torch to see if it allows you to extract the bolt it probably wont help. you may have to drill out the bolt completly and install a helicoil

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