Just replaced the battery now car won't start


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Just replaced the battery now car won't start

I have a 2001 ford explorer, I just replaced the battery in it , and it still won't start even when I used jumper cables. IT does have the anti theft device. Any ideas why?
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I think that you answered your own question. The anti theft disabled all systems when it thought it was being tampered with. If you don't have an owners manual, you may have to contact a dealer for the reset procedure.
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did you get the car to start?
if not,hook everything up and leave it alone for at least 15 min then try to start it.
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Greetings mlyle,

From 1998-present year all Ford Explorers have factory installed immoblizers. The keys are programmed to the onboard computer and are called transponder keys.

Sometimes when a battery is being replaced the transponder keys will no longer be detected by the on board computer. It's a clich, according to the Ford techs I deal with.

The computer sends out an RF signal to the ignition lock. When the proper key is turned in the ignition, this signal sends back to the computer the encrypted algorithm of that programmed key and searchs the memory to see if this is an authorized key.

Also some transponder keys go bad or the transponder itself will break because it is enclosed in a narrow glass tube and installed in the black head of the key. Let's say you slam your keys down onto a hard surface or you accidently step on them it would be enough to break that glass tube.

If it is not the transponder keys then it is at the computer end. There are two possible ways the computer can be reset. You have the vehicle towed into the dealership so they can hook up the computer and trace back the problem and reset it. Or see if one of the techs will come out to where you are at with the hand held NGS device and perform a dianostic test.

Hope this helps.

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