92 Ford Ranger Charging System


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Red face 92 Ford Ranger Charging System


I appreciate any help you can give me. Bare with me and my descriptions, as well my typed sound effects! My 92 Ford Ranger gave out on me last night when I attempted to start it. 2 days prior to this episode I should have seen it coming as it began showing signs something was a miss when it seemed to be loosing power in its start. Meaning instead of its powerful quick start it would start with 2 weaker turn overs then a quick start. Last night I couldn't get but a half a turn over and quickly went to nothing more than a single click when turning the key. Jumping the battery did absolutely nothing more than the click of turning the key. Not even a rrrrr, rrrr, rrrr. lol However my lights are bright, the radio works, ignition chime, etc. and the battery gauge reads as a bit above the + symbol on the dash. The battery terminals showed signs of corrosion build up so I brushed that away (it does have new terminal wires and terminals). Still nothing when jumping, however, it fired up no problem when compression starting.

Question: Does this sound like a starter, alternator, fuse problem...help! ? How can I test for which problem to remedy. Thanks...sorry for my lack of proper terms.
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it sounds like a battery or cable related problem suggest having the battery checked and check the cables for not only corrosion but make sure there not loose at the battery and starter solenoid.

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