A/C racket


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A/C racket

I have a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme sedan with a 6 cylinder, 3100 cc engine.

It has been making a huge racket in the front end, to the extent that I assumed it had blown the manifold gasket. Today I just happened to cut off the A/C (which doesn't happen often here in GA) and voila! no noise. I cut off the compressor and the fan blew without the racket.

What on Earth is going on? How can the compressor be making such loud, unhealthy noises and still work?

My husband isn't mechanically inclined, and DIY is strictly from necessity for me, so please explain as simply as possible.

And thanks in advance!
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a/c compressors can make alot of noise when they are getting ready to go out suggest you see a shop for an a/c check and they will be able to tell you if its the compressor or something else making the noise and also wouldnt use the a/c until you get it checked out.
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it could also be tensioner pulley

when you say cut off a/c you mean you turned it off right ?
the belt is still in place I assume, well just to share this, about a year ago my '92 Suburban was making a lot of noise when idling, it turned out belt was " stretched " and was making tensioner pulley go way out of its normal range to compensate, anyways when I put a new belt problem was corrected tensioner fell right into its " normal " position range.
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Lou has a very good place tp look for the noise. It may be the idler itself (it has a bearing init that may be worn out), or I have had a belt in similar situatio to Lou make a heck of a racket.

The A/C clutch, itself, may also be making the racket.

The point is, it may very well be the compressor but it could also be something else that is easier and less expensive to fix. Check all pulleys for looseness and smooth movement before heading for the compressor itself.

Take the belt off to do this. The tension provided by the belt can make it difficult to determine the true condition of the bearings.
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It could be the belt itself, and it doesn't make noise without the stress from the compressor when it's engaged. A noisey compressor can still cool, and not always be the cause for replacement.
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Thanks so much for helping me! I don't have time to look into it this weekend, but I'm relieved to hear it might be something easier to fix.

You guys are great!
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