Honda Accord light cover removal


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Honda Accord light cover removal

Hi. I own a 1994 Honda Accord. On a recent trip to an oil change place they told me that my turn signal on one side and parking light on the other side weren't working. These are located even with and to the outside of the headlights with their own dedicated plastic cover. The reason I mention the oil change place is that I told them to fix them, but after 15 minutes of 3 different people trying it was a no go. The gist of what they told me was they were afraid they would break something.

I looked at a Honda manual - it mentioned only one screw needing to be taken out to remove the cover. I removed the screw (which is at the top inside part of the cover) and pried gently around the outside of the plastic cover with a putty knife. It was my impression it wouldn't come out easy - and I didn't want to break what is probably a $30 or $40 cover to replace a bulb. Assuming there is no magic involved, is there one side of the cover that pressure should be applied to to get this out while minimizing the risk of cracking the cover? Any info on proper tools or techniques would be appreciated.
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Before I tried prying or pulling on anything I would take a flashlight and look in the back to see if you can access that light from inside the fender panel or from underneath. The COVER shouldnt actually separate, rather the entire light pop out of the fender. If you pop that cover off then the light is no longer any good as it will let moisture in.
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