1994 Grand Prix Power Window Switch


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1994 Grand Prix Power Window Switch

I have a 1994 Grand Prix 4 Door with a power window switch problem. Almost a year ago the driver's side window went down and wouldn't go back up. I took it to a mechanic who bypassed the switch and got the window back up determining that the motor and regulator were fine but the switch was bad. They tried to replace the master switch but the new switch wouldn't work right. It was sent back and another ordered, the second one did the same thing. When a new switch is put in, the only window that will work is the right rear window and ONLY from the master switch. When the old switch is in all of the windows, EXCEPT the driver's window, work correctly. A third attempt was made to change out this switch and the same thing happened. Anyone have a clue as to what could be causing this problem? The mechanic mentioned something about a "code" that needed to be entered for the switch to work with my make and model car.
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Not to doubt your mechanic but I've never heard of a code for window switches.
Was the mechanic a GM dealer's mechanic or an independent?
Were the replacement switches genuine GM or aftermarket parts?

I would pop out the switch, usually easy to do, and take it to a Pontiac dealer's parts dept. and have them match it with a new switch. No Pontiac dealer in your area - try a buick dealer.
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This was an independent mechanic and I don't know what type of switch (aftermarket or not). But I then had a mechanic who works for a Ford dealership order the part and the same problem happened. He had never heard of a "code" either nor had he ever had a problem with replacing a switch before.

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well, ive got a 93 grand am, its not hard to pop out the switch. Theres just three wires. if the motor and regulator are working properly when you touch the wires together. you should be able to hook them up to any 3 way toggle switch. You can pick one up at any electronics shop for a few bucks.
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Actually newer model GM's certainly have codes for the door switches which are actually computers.But not your vintage. Chances are the wires in the conduit leading from the A-pillar to the door have some breaks in the wiring. This is caused by the opening and closing of the door which flexes the wire harness each time the door is opened or closed.
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Finally have an answer!

Just FYI for all, it turned out that the switch that is available now for my 1994 Grand Prix has undergone a configuration change. As it was explained to me when the new switch finally worked, there is a new pin configuration that needed to be done to the switch before the wires could be plugged in. Apparently, the directions are not in every box. Hope that makes sense the way I described it. I appreciate all who tried to help.

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