1993 3.8L V6, smoking, missing, and running hot, PLEASE HELP!


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1993 3.8L V6, smoking, missing, and running hot, PLEASE HELP!

1993 Ford Thunderbird, 3.8L V6, AutoTrans, I have just had the heads done , because of a blown head gasket, we think, replaced thermostat, serpentine belt, plugs, antifreeze, oil, filter, dist. cap, rotor button,, etc. and it is doing the same thing it did when it blew the head gasket. it is overheating badly, missing, and smoking , drivers side, below the exhaust manifold. Before it blew the heads the first time, which it hasnt again yet, I had changed the thermostat, coolant temp. sending unit, antifreeze. Could it be the water pump, oil pump, PLEASE HELP! before I blow another head gasket!
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did you test the thermostat at all before you put it in? DId you put it in the right way? did the head blow from it overheating? You say that there is smoke coming from below the exhaust manifold. what kind of smoke is it? is it oil that dripped on the engine being burnt off? is it an exhaust leak? is it burning antifreeze smoke (sweet smelling)? Is it missing when cold or only after it heats up? was it burped after the heads were replaced?
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93 3.8

1) Preasure test it see if you have another leak in the coolant system somewhere.

2) Check for compression could be a bad cylinder.

I know the 3.8 has a bad problem with building up carbon in the intakes and injectors.Did a windstar that was loaded with carbon make sure all is clean dont forget about the egr valve also. With a bad miss it will cause it to overheat. A friend of mine also told me that there were cases that the plenum (black plastic type) on these go bad too they crack. Just take it one step at a time test your coolant system, check for compression, then look to see if there is carbon in your fuel system. Also a know problem with these newer beasts is if you have a crank and a cam postion sensor check them. If they dont read right it would run as if out of time. They tend to wear down or come loose for some reason. Good luck hope I was helpful.
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When you say "had the heads done", you did mean having the heads checked for warpage & cracks at a good machine shop right?
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