Brake lite on!!


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Brake lite on!!

I'm back. 1991 Chevy dully pick-um-up. Brake light is on. I have checked front pads, brake fluid, and both are OK. I cannot check rear drum brakes without pulling axles, but lining was replaceed about 1 year ago. Master cylinder is split and front/rear brakes work independently. Any suggestions on checking master cylinder? I have plenty of brake petal and stopping power. I am open to your expertise.

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This is a shot in the dark, but have you played with the parking brake to make sure the switch isn't stuck? I had that happen on a car once, when I'd fidget with the parking brake, the light would go out.

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besides the parking brake switch sticking if it has rear antilock brakes it could be related to an antilock problem does the light flash or stay on steady if its flashing it is probably related to antilock brake system and should be flashing a code.
could also be caused by a leak or incorrect bleeding of the brakes after a repair if you have ever had to add any brake fluid supect that it has a leak and will need to be repaired and the system bled.
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Checked lite switch.

Yep. I figited with the parking brake. The light stays on dim and when the parking brake is applied the light brightens. Thanx for the tip.
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Keep fidgeting. The light should go off completely.
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check brake light switch for out of ajuistment.
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sounds like it isnt the paking brake causing the problem if it gets brighter when the emergency brake is applied suggest you look at the other things mentioned.
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Make sure all your bulbs are good...sometimes blown bulbs will send codes but are hard to see unless checking at nite.
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The brake light lamp in the dash actually will come on at three different intensities. If I'm not mistaken, the brightest is if the hydraulic system fails, the next to brightest would be if the parking brake were applied, and the dimmest would be if there was a code stored in the rear wheel antilock module. (at least I think I remember that's the order they are in. ) So if the light's on dim, and it gets brighter with the e-brake applied, there's a code in the antilock module. You can check the codes using flash code diagnostics. Let me know if you want to know how to check them.
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I'm with Igneous on this one, check all your brake lights because some bulbs can blow that will set a OBDII code in the ABS system. I had this happen to my old Buick Century, I took it to my local guy and he scanned the codes. He asked me if I had any blown bulbs and I swore all of them were working fine. He pointed out that the bulb in the shelf-mounted third brake light had failed and set the code. Do the 91 Chevy's have one light
for the ABS and one for the park/service brake or a single light for all three?

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Smile THANX!! Problem solved.

You guys are great! Saved my bacon again. I did not have a code set so I followed the trail of "bulbs". Result was no brake lights and no emergency flashers. Next step---duh---checked the fuse. That's it!! I have been running around with no brake lights.

Thanks a heap for all the suggestions. I'll buy the beer! See ya soon.


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