Did they mess up my car?


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Did they mess up my car?

2000 VW Jetta 2.0L Gas engine...

I brought it in for an oil change at a national-chain tire and lube shop. About 2 weeks after they changed the oil I noticed puddles of oil under the car. (the dipstick still says about half full)

Since it has been raining for days, I had to wait another 5 days to peek under the car.

I topped off the oil, and the oil was dripping out of where the oil filter makes contact with the oil cooler. The filter was screwed on tighter than hand tight. But then I noticed that the oil cooler was loose! you could pivot it from left to right around the shaft that the filter is screwed onto.

Should I go back to the shop and tell them to fix it/diagnose the problem? It seems like in 2-3 weeks they are still responsible if it's obviously from a part they touched.
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I would take it back to them. They should fix you right up.
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Although I would agree with Mattison...I would add one small disclaimer to that...
When I was a kid I worked at Jiffylube...and a loose oil cooler is beyond the scope of what anyone I ever worked with there was capable of dealing with.

The hazards of that type of situation...I had a girlfriend (no, really...I did!) about ten years ago that took her car to Avelinos for some axle work (bearings and seals I think). When the car still wasn't right afterwards I had her take it to my mechanic. They told her the repair she had paid almost $1700 for had not been completed and they gave her a handfull of pictures of where the Avelinos guys had been bashing something on the axle with a hammer trying to get it off (and never did hence the repair not being done).
As soon as she walked in the door, Avelinos gave her all of her money back.
Whatever the repar was...I think my honest mechanic did it for about 500 bucks.
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