passenger window stop working


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passenger window stop working

i have a 96 grand caravan and my passenger window just stopped working, its all power and im wondering if i can fix the problem myself or since its under warranty just take it to a shop?
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I would just take it in if it is under warrenty. my window regulator bracket had one of the rollers sieze up so it bent and It was a pain in the a** to replace.

If you want to try yourself, pull off the interior door panal. and look for the window regulator motor. there should be three wires going to it. cut away a bit of the insulation to expose the wires. use a multimeter to determine if you are getting power to the motor. If there is power to the motor, it should be moving unless there is something stopping it such as a siezed bracket or if the window is somehow jammed up. If it should be able to move, and has power, the motor is bad. You can probably buy one (that will come with bracket attached) for around $70-$100 at your local auto parts store. They will probably have to order it so expect to wait a few days. then replace the motor/bracket, reattach wires, test, then put your door panel back on.

sound fun???


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