My own mechanic well im trying 2 b


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My own mechanic well im trying 2 b

Well hello DIY Forum . It's me Thowd here again needing more advice let me start off by sayin thank you to all that replied to my last post and gave great advice on the problems I had at the time Alternator is fixed and finally got some a/c geesh i thought i was gonna melt. But now my seatbelt light comes on while i am driving and will not go off there is no fuse 4 me 2 check i believe its a wire n my integrated control unit but i have no idea where that is also my speedometer stopped workin and i got a ticket for speeding thru a school zone where the vehicle speed sensor is beyond me I bought the haynes automotive manual for my car and to b perfectly homest all it does is make me wanna take my car apart and me i can never put things bac the way i found em but i sure wanna try my car is stumbling when i am on the accelerator i was thinking maybe my transmission but now im leaning towards fuel filter being dirty its hard finding a reliable n honest reasonable mechanic so plz help so i can kno what 2 say when i do take it 2 a shop n not get jipped out my $$
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I kinda of feel bad people were avoiding this thread like it was the plaque.

make model year I am assuming old

Mainly because you have stated you weren't the most experienced which is fine every one can learn.

For the seatbelt light

Hard way- Find where they are picking the signal. Look to see if wires are running to the part it buckles to or to the roller. I am not sure. Then by pass it.

Easy way-
Just pull the seat light bulb I assume thats the only way you are being informed since your not complaining about dinging.

Speedometer cable-
This one we need more info electric or cable. If electric usually its a pickup that is easily changed. But since you have not stated a check engine light which it would because it would no longer see the signal change when in gear if electric.
We need to check to see if the cable is broken or if it is the dash or because the transmission is not spinning it. Usually its easiest to check the cable where it plugs into the transmission. In the haynes they should say how you unscrew it. I have always just pulled them out/lubed to check.

Its a very easy problem for a mechanic to diagnose
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