noise/vibration from wheels


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noise/vibration from wheels


I have a 1997 Ford Taurus G. Lately, the car has been making noise and vibrating as I slow down on the off ramp of freeways. The noise and vibration seem to be coming from the front wheels. I think it might be an axle problem because it seems to come from both wheels.

It happens when I go from 65-70mph down to 30-45mph. It does not happen when the car slows down below 30mph.

If not an axle problem, a problem with the brakes?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I should also add that the car has an automatic transmission. And, the noise/vibration is worst when I slow down quickly (vs. gradual slow down).

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probably should have the front brakes checked out rotors can get warped and be most noticable at higher speeds when slowing down.
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i agree with bejay, the front rotors are probably warped
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how long can/should I be driving with this problem?
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you should probably get it checked out as soon as possible the vibration isnt as much of a concern depending on how bad it is but the noise should be checked out.
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Thanks for the responses to this thread. It was warped rotors and a few months ago, I had them grind them down and it fixed the problem. Recently, however, I had the tires balanced and rotated. Now, the problem returned to a lesser extent. I don't get the vibration but the steering wheel shakes when I slow down. (I didn't add the steering shakes in my original post, but it did.) Same as last time, it happens when I slow down coming from a high speed, ie coming off a freeway off ramp. Are the rotors warped again? If it is, how come so soon after they were fixed? Is it somehow related to the tire balance and rotation?

Also, sometimes when I press the brakes, I hear a "clunk" underneath the car, in the front. This has been happening since they grind the rotors. What could that be?

Thanks to everyone for their useful advice, past and future.
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A Taurus eh?????...........You're on the right track as far as the rotors are concerned.........But don't stop there......Check the tie rod assemblies, both inner and outer ends. Taurus's are GREAT for tearing up inner tie rod sockets, and once they're worn, if there's any warpage in the rotor it amplifies up through to the you that "I'm about to lose the fillings in my teeth" sensation
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If the problem reappeared immediately after the wheel balance it's possible they got the balancing wrong on one or more wheel.
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Talking Vibration

"I had the tires balanced and rotated. Now, the problem returned to a lesser extent."
If the mechanic did not properly torque the lug nuts he might have warped the rotors. Crisscross pattern 85 to 105 ft-lbs.
A lot of rotors have been warped by over tightening or not tighening them properly.
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If your tires had not been rotated in a long time it could be the rear tires were cupped(have flat spots) and when moved to the front is causing the vibration. Have a nice day. Geo

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