Broken Door Handle of Carmy '98


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Question Broken Door Handle of Carmy '98

Hi Alll:
The door handle of driver's side of '98 Carmy broke in a half.

Wonder whether I should attempt to fix this by using one of the toughest adhesive I can find at auto-shop. If I am able to do this on my own, what kind of 'Super Glue' or any other adhesive which is able to withstand open and close.

If there is no way for me to fix this, how much would it be charged when I would bring it to the shop nearby home?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Seems to be a common problem on Camry's. One of the very few failure-prone items. I doubt any adhesive will make a permanent repair. can't remember what I paid for the one I had to replace, about $50 I think, and figure an hour or so for labor. Worst case I think would be about $150. It is a diy project if you're moderately handy.

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