transmission problems 92 Nissan Pathfinder


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Exclamation transmission problems 92 Nissan Pathfinder

I own a 92 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4, 166,000 miles. I was driving along when I went to accelerate through a traffic light, and the engine revved up, but I wasn't going any faster. I coasted to a stop and when I tried all gears, nothing happened. I checked the tranny fluid and it was at a safe level, and didn't smell burnt. There were no visible leaks. No slipping to speak of either. The only problem I did have, was when I would start it and try to put it in gear, and it would be stubborn. I wouldn't force it but would keep trying to shift it, and after 20 seconds or so, I was able to put it in gear and take off. The mechanic said it would cost $300 just to take it out and inspect it. I realize tranny repairs are quite costly, so are there any suggestions on what the problem could be? I just put insurance on it earlier that day, and haven't had the chance to really enjoy it. Thanks!
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well, unless somehting can think of something simple and chep it might be, you might be better of getting a different car, rather than pouring money into something that isnt worth much to begin with.
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Any chance you could have bumped the 4x4 selector or that it is not fully into the selected range? We've towed 4x4's to tranny shops on more than one occasion for that condition.

Average retail looks to be about $3000; tranny rebuild could run you $1500-2000 (I'm not up on how expensive a rebuild is on a Pathfinder, so that's a wild guess). If the rest of the vehicle is in good shape, probably worth fixing as long as you understand that at 166k miles you could do the tranny and have the motor go south 6 months later.

I would get a couple of opinions from tranny shops (not general repair shops that also do trannies). I don't think you'll need to spend $300 to get a decent estimate on what you need. Among other things, a tranny shop will likely be familar with common problems and failure modes on the various make & model of tranny and may know right off the bat what you've got.

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