Ford-Windstar AC changes modes when engine is stressed. . .


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Ford-Windstar AC changes modes when engine is stressed. . .

I have a 2001 Ford Windstar. I recently had a water leak from the engine and took my upper air intake apart to discover a metal water pipe running through the middle of the intake system. That hose had a hole in the joint and was spraying water all over the outside of the engine. Not too hard a fix, so I replaced it and all the air intake gaskets above the lover intake manifold. I also cleaned all the parts/housings removed in the process andput it all back together. All seems well from the engine point of view.

Previously, I never noticed any noises or changes in the AC system except that the air would stop being cooled when the engine was being stressed (ie. hard acceleration). This is the normal removal of the AC clutch to give the engine all the power you need. No problem.

Now that I have done this engine repair, the AC system changes modes when the engin is being stressed. In other words, it changes from putting air out the main vents to putting it out the dash at the windshield and then changes to putting it out at the floor. As if you had just turned the dial on the AC control panel. Now I'm assuming that system runs off of vacuum as all older cars I've worked on did. What I can't figure out is what I could have done to cause this or where to look for the problem.

I have looked at the air intake assembly over and over and I can't find any vacuum lines unattached. That being said, I believe it is one of two things:

1) I am just not seeing the unattached line.

2) I re-attached lines incorrectly and something is getting way to much/little vacuum to work properly.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Sorry I can't help but I am not that familiar with the HVAC in that vehicle. You may want to get the chiltons or haynes from an auto store for that vehicle or get it from all data. They will have the information on how the HVAC works if no one else responds to this.
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Is there any way that you're accidently install a vacuum check valve backward? or missing/bad vacuum valve. sound like you're loosing vacuum under accel.. I know you've said that you went over all vacuum hoses more than once, but that's what it seem to be the problem, loosing vacuum.
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If you want to go the vacuum route spray intake cleaner around the motor when it is idling as see if spraying it around the vacuum hoses causes the rpms to change
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has the van been wrecked? if so make sure the body shop replaced the eng vac resevoir an make sure the vac supply line is plugged up

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