93 Prelude SI using antifreeze. Help!


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93 Prelude SI using antifreeze. Help!

My son's 155,000 mile 93 SI has gradually been using more & more antifreeze. It recently went through a quart in 600 miles. I have thouroughly inspected for leaks and can find none. Water pump is fairly new and no leak at the weep hole. No sign of antifreeze in oil, no foam in valve cover. No sign of antifreeze in the transmission fluid. No smoke or steam from exhaust. No antifreeze smell inside the car like a heater core leak.

The only thing I see is a very slight greenish tinge on all 4 spark plug ground electrodes. Is there a gasket some where or a known problem where antifreeze could be getting drawn in through the intake tract? The car is in great shape. I need to get this figured out before it gets worse.
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could be a head gasket starting to go bad - if so you'll see white exhaust before long
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Ya no coolant flows throught that manifold. I am not sure but coolant could be flowing through the throttle body, you may want to check for leaks in the intake pipe and manifold. I bet I am placing bets on head gasket. Atleast on that car its no that bad of a job.
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Thanks for the replys. I am having a hard time beleiving a head gasket would go bad and distribute antifreeze evenly to all cylinders, which appears to be what is happening.

I know there are coolant hoses connected to the throttle body. That is why I suspect coolant getting into the intake and going to all cylinders.

I am hoping someone might be able to point me to a known problem like this on the SI motor so I might know more specificly where to look. Possibly a gasket somewhere etc.
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Try this. When the engine is nice and hot, draw out your oil dipstick. Drip the oil on the exhaust manifold. If there's antifreeze in the oil, there will be some sizzle. In that case, you likely have a bad head gasket. If nothing happens, then the problem is likely somewhere else (but I dunno where).
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No sizziling. Any Honda Prelude experts here?
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If you are losing coolant then the first thing to do is pressurize the coolant system and find where it is going/coming from. This is the most definitive solution. It definately sounds like a head gasket to me as well.
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