2001 Ford f150 pickup clutch adjustment


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2001 Ford f150 pickup clutch adjustment

How do you adjust a clutch for a 2001 Ford f150, 6 cylinder?
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If you are trying to pick up play from the pedal back behind the pedal where it connects to the master cylinder may have an adjustment.

Otherwise with a hydraulic clutch system there maybe no adjustments.

If the pedal feels mushy you may want to change the fluid.
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Mine was a little older ('86) so maybe they changed it...but...

On my clutch cable (easily seen and accessed in the engine compartment where it came through the firewall) there was an adjustment screw about midway on the cable.
It's a thicker spot on the wire.
The sheath can be pulled back to reveal the adjustment screw (nut) on the cable.
You want to turn the nut so that you 'lengthen' the cable housing (thus stretching the cable and remedying too much clutch pedal travel)
Drive it to check and make sure you went the right way and it improves the situation, then replace the rubber sheath over the screw.
This will buy you some extra time on your way to clutch replacement.
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Check under the hood to see if you have a clutch fluid resoirvoir. If you do its hydraulic and the only adjustment is usually where the pedal connects to the clutch master cylinder.

I highly doubt you have a clutch cable on a 2001
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there is no adj .

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