Dealer service scam?


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Dealer service scam?

This is more for a friend of mine, he is being told some things that don't jive in my mind.

A brief history. Last weekend he took a trip, on the way, the car started to make a noise, as he described it, like running over the washboard on the side of the road. When nothing was hot, he decided to drive it to their destination (another 200 miles). Once there, they took it into a local mechanic, who told them is probably the CV joints, but they could probably make it back (800 or so miles).

They made it back, but the noise continued to get worse. It was brought into a local dealer. He was told the CV joints needed replacing (sounds logical), but then went on to say he needed a new driveshaft (U-joints maybe, but a drive shaft?), steering stabilizer (or something like that), and the pinion yoke on the differential. He was told the differential was probably shot as well (which means it will be when they are done with it).

Other than the CV joints, the others do not sound like things that go out without reason (loss of lubrication, etc). I am not familiar with the steering stabilizer, but I have never seen a driveshaft go bad that had not fallen off while moving or was in an accident. Do I have (or should he have) dealer service paranoia?

It is a 2000 or so Jeep Cherokee (not sure if it is 2 or 4 WD).

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I would get a second opinion at another shop doesn't have to be a dealer. All the things you listed can be possible causes of the problem. With out the car in front of me there is no way for me to tell which one it is. Usually shops will diagnose things for free or close to free especially if you have the work done there

steerin stabilizer may be idler arm.

drive shaft usually ujoints but things can bounce from the road and dent a drive shaft enought to throw it off balance.

CV's usually need replacing when the boot is torn or has been torn usually

Does he hear clunking from the rear end or front end if he has CV I would say its say to say he has 4wd

A mechanic will say this is the problem with 100% accuracy a person who works on cars can replace any part and throws parts at things till the problem is solved (sometimes cheaper than going to a mechanic), thats the difference between a mechanic and a common person.

These guys appear to be guessing like a common person get a second opinion.
Thats why I would get a second opinion from a mechanic.

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It is the mechanic telling him this stuff

Actually, it is the Jeep dealership mechanic telling him all this is wrong (and saying the rear differential is probably also bad). I agree, it sounds like he is guessing (or trying to bilk an older, out of town, gentleman).

They described the sound as that of running over the washboard (the warning pavement to tell you that you are running off the road) on the side of the road that got better at some speed/acceleration combos.

It does not (to me) sound like a U-joint (and without experiencing it, I can't say for certain) or drive shaft (I have experienced the U-joint, and you would not be able to drive it as far as they did without knowing for a fact it was the U-joint).

It doesn't really matter, I told him to get a second opinion (the man can't get the car til this weekend and there is another shop (non-dealer) next to the dealer, so he could take it there), but it sounds like he has decided to let the dealer replace his entire drive train from the tranny south.
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>He was told the CV joints needed replacing (sounds logical)

I've never heard a bad CV joint that didn't first make itself known everytime you made a turn, and it's more of a loud clicking noise than a rumble.

If he has CV joints, then they are on the front, and it's a 4WD.

>a new driveshaft (U-joints maybe, but a drive shaft?)

Unless he's been off-roading and bent it, which he would KNOW, because it would be so out of balance he couldn't drive it, there's no reason to replace a driveshaft. I had the U joints (both ends) and the driveshaft R&R'd and balance for less than $100 on my full size van. The question here is, which driveshaft, the front, or the rear?

> steering stabilizer (or something like that),

There is the equivilent of a shock absorber on the steering that helps damper some of the bumps in the road from transferring to the steering wheel, if it's bad, it's probably leaking fluid, which would be easy to check.

> and the pinion yoke on the differential.

I'd ask why, is it cracked? Has your friend really been off-roading and not telling anyone?

> He was told the differential was probably shot as well

Front or rear?
I'd at least check the oil (gear oil) level in them.

>It is a 2000 or so Jeep Cherokee (not sure if it is 2 or 4 WD).

I've got a 2wd, has over 205k miles on it, original drivetrain.


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