95 lumina electrical probs


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Angry 95 lumina electrical probs

I own a 95 lumina apv i recently changed the tranny and since then i have had an electrical problem as in i can't hold a charge in my battery and my dashboard idiot lights burn very faintly when the key is turned off. I put a new braided ground wire under the fire wall but i still cannot resolve the problem any suggestions?
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Dash lights

What happens to the dash lights when the car is started (light switches off)? Do they go out, stay dimly lit, or get brighter?

It does sound like a grounding issue (or lack of good ground issue), something in the instrument cluster that is supposed to provide the ground is not connected to ground and has a stray voltage instead.

I would start looking for wires (grounds) that may have been missed when closing out the tranny job. I am not real familiar with the Lumina, but the component, in my mind, that links the tranny to the instrument panel is the speed sensor (I will make the assumption that it is electronic). Is the sensor properly grounded?

Another thing to think about (this assumes it is not a faulty ground in the panel) is there could be some backfeeding of low volage through a faulty component (or inadvertently touching connections) in which case, you may be able to troubleshoot where the problem is by pulling fuses (under dash and hood) until the dash lights do as they are supposed to do (my hunch is this will not work). If the dash lights go out (and you did not pull the dash light fuse), the problem is in that ckt.
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ty to dave

i will try that it sounds right to me i coulda in advertantly left a wire hanging off of that

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