Replacing both front axles


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Replacing both front axles

When I make turns on my 94 Accord, I've recently started hearing tuck, tuck, tuck....kind of noise from axles. It happens only once or twice after starting the trip. Mechanic looked at it and said boots(?) have broken and dried up (as in no grease ?) and said we need to replace axles. He also said, no hurry until you hear the noise consistently always (not just when making turns).

What's the ballpark estimate for replacing axles including labor and parts ? Is it simple enough for a new bie DYIer ?

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The ball park is when you hear the noise when turning. You can stretch it longer but then you are risking having to have it towed in so unless your insurance provides towing I would fix it.

It invovles taking the wheel off first.Then take the brake caliper off there should be 2 bolts on the back of the caliper. Then marking the heads of the 2 bolts that go horizontal through the strut/shock the heads of the bolts may need to match up where they were so mark them with a scratch and the shock so you can mate them up together when you put the bolts back in on reassembly. Next there is a nut at the bottom on the end of the control arm (the piece that it is bolting down is the steering knuckle, you may need to beat it with a hammer right under the lower ball joint nut to get it loose so you can pull it off, Leave the nut on some when you beat the steering knuckle with a hammer so you don't damage the threads of the ball joint if you miss) you will let you take out the whole assembly. first you need to take out the center bolt with is usually around a 30-32mm nut. Now you can pull that big assembly out and tap the center spindle out. Next you need a pry bar/ crow bar and where the axle goes in the transmission you want to wedge it between the cylinder looking part of the axle and the transmission case. Just wedge the axle out. after the axle is out make sure the clip is on the end where it was in the transmission then just push the new axle in the transmission and put everything back together.

Sometime you can skip doing the lower ball joint nut and pivot the steering nuckle around so you can work the axle out, sometimes you can just undo the bolts to the strut and not the ball joint nut and pivot it around.
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I wouldn't recommend it for a newbie diy-er; maybe you know someone with some experience that could walk you through it?
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Here's someone's write up of replacing cv-boots and ball joints on a VW Passat. (great pictures too!) I have a feeling this project is a little ambitious for one of your first DIY auto repairs. Not impossible tho...

Here -> CV Boot/Joint Replacement
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Don't bother replacing the boot, just get new axles they are pretty cheap and will make the job way way easier.

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