runs good when cold but missis when it warms up


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runs good when cold but missis when it warms up

my 1990 chev costum 3/4 ton 5.7 lit, van runs ok at 1st. but when warms up it starts to miss an run rough . can anybody help . thanks chubby
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could be alot of things suggest you start with tune up, plug wires, cap and rotor if it hasnt been done in awhile and you want to attempt to repair it yourself instead of paying a shop to diagnose it.
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I just went through something similar with my Ford Van (thread is called "Ford Van Still Stalling")

I did the tune-up, oil change, all the filters (fuel, oil, air, etc.)and threw a couple of expensive parts at the problem...

Then my mechanic put a couple of cans of some high powered fuel injector cleaner in it....and now it's running normally again.

AutoZone can pull the engine codes to see if there's really something wrong.
Mine had no codes (except the one my mechanic caused when he was testing the EGR Valve).
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it could be anything, obviously it happens worse in closed loop, gm has had a lot of simular problems with distributors and pole pieces, when you take the cap off and if theres a bunch of green chalky stuff you need to replaced distributor shaft, pickup coil, and module, along with cap and rotor. probably would need to go ahead and check the rest of the secondary ignition system.

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