Something in her tire?


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Something in her tire?

My girlfriend said her car has been making noise recently and asked if I could make her an appointment with my mechanic. Last time it was a loose ABS sensor dragging under her car and he cut it off (ordered a replacement but it took a while to come in and he didn't want her dragging it around anymore).

I checked out the noise sounds to me like there's something rattling around inside one of her tires.
Is that even possible?

She hasn't had a flat or done anything tire-related recently that I could think of that might leave something loose "in" the tire...
But she is the "Pothole Queen" ...has some crazy internal radar that makes it so that she NEVER misses a chance to hit a pothole (she broke 3 front struts on her Malibu in less than 2 years). Could she have hit a pothole and shattered (chipped, broke) something inside her wheel and it's now flying around in the tire?

At this point any ideas would be greatly appreciated...especially since my mechanic always takes off the 3rd week of the month so I don't think she'll be able to get it in there for a couple of weeks.

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It's doubtful that anything is in the tire. Jack it up and hand spin the wheels. could simply be a pebble in an wheel disc (hub cap), or if she has locking wheel covers, one of the internal clamps could be loose.
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Thanks! I'll pop off the mini hubcap and see if that's it

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