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Please help

I have a 1995 ford explorer 4wd and the transmission went out on the vehicle. Well the torque convertor went on it and I had it placed. Well after getting my vehicle back on the same day of receiving it back I only drove the car for about 8 miles and I stop at the store and when I went to leave the store the car would not start so I had to have it towed and the guy said the starter could be bad, and I had the starter replaced on the car and it did the same thing. So now I was told the flywheel is bad. I can crank the vehicle but it makes a very bad noise like metal hitting metal. So I told the guy at the shop who replaced the torque convertor about the problem and he said that they did not have to touch my flywheel to get to the convertor but I could bring the vehicle back and they will check it out for me. When I had the starter replace the guy find some screws left under my car where the shop who replace the convertor had left under the vehicle. If they did not have to touch my starter why would it have brand new screw in it and also my manifold had new screws. Before having the convertor replaced nothing else was wrong with my vehicle far as the starter or flywheel, I could crank the vehicle without any problem. Can someone please explain to me how do you replace the convertor and do you have to do anything with the flywheel or starter while removing or replacing the convertor. Any help will be deeply appreciated in advances
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It's been awhile since I have pulled a tranny but generally you unbolt the torque convertor from the flywheel. This is usually done in two ways i know of; many trans have a coverplate on the front of the trans that is removed allowing access to the bolts that hold the converter onto the flywheel. Then those bolts are removed.

I have also seen where the starter had to be removed to allow access to those same bolts.
In either case, the converter has to be unbolted from the flywheel.

Additionally some starters bolt to the transmission as well as the engine. If this is the case, they would remove the starter first.
Bottom line; I think the trans shop is being less than honest with you. Not saying they did do anything wrong, just that they are not truthful. This would tend to make me believe they did something wrong.
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I am familiar with the drivetrain in question and agree with nap
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The starter absolutely has to be unbolted from your transmission before the trans is removed. The transmission has to be removed from the vehicle and then the converter ets removed.
Most likely the reason for the "new" bolts is due to rusted bolts. This is common practice and not unusual to find. The exhaust pipe has to be removed to allow access to remove the transmission.
If they are telling you that they didnt have to touch your flywheel then they are lying and I would not take the vehicle back there, unless you talk to the manager/owner and get to the bottom of the issue.
Hope this helps ya,
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I was given the same answer

Thanks all for the answers that was given to me. I spoke to a guy today and I received the same answer from him as the one that is given here. You do have to unbolt the flywheel because the convertor is attached to it and the starter and manifold has to be unbolted as well. See when a female goes to shop to have repairs done they think we as females don't know anything. I'm glad there are people out there in the internet world that can help you as you all has done. I appreciate all the responses.
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try this

If you can get a copy of a maintenance manuel for the procedure for the work done and show them that in accordance with the book you have to remove the parts they say they did not mess with.

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