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Angry Help me please

I have a 93 Nissan Altama My husband ran over a curb and dented the motor oil pan, He replaced it and the very next day he drove the car about ten miles and it died on him we had to have it towed home. Well every time we try to start it , it just sounds like it has no power , at first I thought the battery but all the inside lights and everything comes on, then I thought the starter or altanator but I had them replaced a year ago. Now I had been having trouble with the timing on it..It was too low so the car would die out alot Specialy when it was cold. Now could the curb jumping having anything to do with it? I am at a stand still because I don't have the funds to put it in a shop right now is there any advice out there for me ?
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It was refilled with oil and checked for leaks, right?
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Or in the same line of thought as mark, was the oil pick-up tube/screen inspected for damage?

Also, when the dent occured were there any ugly internal engine sounds?
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The oil was replaced, and it did make a knocking noise right after it was hit thats when we pulled over and saw that it was leaking oil real bad. we had it towed home that day and replaced the oil pan and refilled the oil. then when we test drove it ,it was running fine . There didn't seem to be any other damage from eyes view. and to telll you the truth I have no idea what the oil pick-up tube/ screen is . Just the pan was replaced.
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It depends how bad the pan was smashed to whether or not you damaged the oil pick up but if the motor is running and you have been driving it I would say your fine cuz lack of oil won't cuz your problem, The motor would have seized up its still not a bad idea to have the oil pressure checked.

so are you saying the car won't start and it sounds weird. chances are you may have not been getting enough oil to the head because of the oil pickup tube being hit up, and you may have seized the cams and stripped or broke the timing belt so just the crank is turning that would cause a different tone when cranking. take the oil cap off and have someone crank it while someone else is watching in the where the oil cap is to see if the cams are spinning. use a flash light essentially look for spinning things while cranking, in the area where you pour oil in we like spinning things.

Then get back to us.

Also can you clearify what exactly the car is doing now. You are unclear. Is it running, not starting but cranking.

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