Transmission problem or something else?


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Transmission problem or something else?

I have a 1990 Ford Aerostar 3.0 Automatic floor shifter, I have been having a great deal of problems with it.. the original tranny was slipping while in drive, and eventually wouldn't move at all, I replaced the tranny about 2 months ago, and now this tranny seems to be shot also, it would not slip while it was in drive, it did reverse, etc. but if I put it in park I had to rev the crap out of it to get it to go. Eventually it just would not go into drive at all, it could still reverse. I have now replaced the tranny again, and it will not move at all..I am not sure what to do next could this be a shifter cable problem, or the power train control module? any advice is appriciated..

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You try turning the shifter on the tranny manually. By hand or with a screw driver.

Also I always get a complete transmission flush at a lube before I deem the transmission as shot.

You wouldn't believe the screwed up transmissions those flushes have taken care of. A couple transmissions wouldn't go above 3rd gear, and one was slipping. If the transmission flush doesn't work then deem it garbage.
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If I understand correctly this is the 3rd tranny you put in ? don't you have any kind of warranty on them ? new or rebuilt ?
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Were these rebuilt or used transmissions you had put in? If used, how many miles did they already have on them? Did the person installing them flush the transmission cooler lines out before installation? Was the pan dropped on them and the filter and fluid changed before operating the vehicle?

If they were used you could have just received two transmissions that were about to go bad anyway...luck of the draw.

Are you leaking transmission fluid anywhere? If so, you could have run low on fluid and burnt up your transmissions. You replaced the transmissions but never fixed what caused them to go bad in the first place (the leak).

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