chevy 4.8 with miss?


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chevy 4.8 with miss?

i just changed plugs cause it had been awhile and seemed to have a little miss.. and bad gas mileage..
truck is 2000 4.8 and i got the mid line plug.. 4.69 each..
truck ran great for couple days and now i seem to have a bigger miss.. i dont notice it when it is in park and just ideling though.. .. could it not be a miss and be fuel filter...
I have no idea were the filters are on this truckk.. any help on that ... how bout wires.;.. '
I do 120 miles round trip a day so i need some help in the right direction please.......
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If you didn't replace the wires chances are your pulling on them could have made the bad wire worse. One way to test wires is to get a spray bottle for windows or what ever and put water in it. Then spray the heck out of the ignition wires all over and see if that makes your miss appear at idle.

Also I don't recall if this motor has a distributor or coil pack.

Also buy some fuel SYSTEM cleaner use that with a tank of gas.
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no distributor on 4.8L V8 chevy, coil packs one per cylinder, they do go bad ( I just changed one in my 2000 K2500 Suburban 6.0L engine ) they are about $ 40 a piece.
But check wires first, chek engine light should be on, have codes read they will let you know which cylinder is misfiring.
Pull codes for free at your local autoparts store.
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thanks a bunch,, i will replace wires first as they probably need it any way. is just funny the light has been on before and gone off when there was no miss.. no there is a miss and No light ( go figure..).. once again thanks a bunch for the help. will let yo know if works..

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