fyi special procedures for bleeding abs brakes


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fyi special procedures for bleeding abs brakes

I was talking to some one today and the topic of why manuals say there is special procedures for bleeding abs systems came up.

Turns out that they say there is in the manuals, but I have never ever seen this done in any shop any where.

They say your supposed to crack the bleeders loose before compressing the caliper to reduce fluid being pushed back in the reservoir, and so that if you have dirt in your system it won't chance getting stuck in the abs modulator.

Food for thought probably still won't do it that way because I would hate to have to be handling the caliper with fluid all over it. Plus I have never had a car's abs system get messed up because of compressing caliper like every other mechanic.

It was probably just one of those cover your back things when abs first came out because you never hear about this anymore special procedure thing and I have never seen it done not even when working at dealerships.
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If it ever happens to you, I;ll bet you never push the pistons back into the caliper without opening the bleeders again. Price one out.

Whne is the last time you opened up a caliper and found it clean? Unless it was new, I never have. They build up a lot of crud.

It is a simple thing to do. It helps keep the bleeder from freezing.
Additionally, brake systems should be flushed occasionally. This presents a good opportunity to do this.
I don't have abs on my p. u. truck but I still do not push the fluid back. I have done this in every garage I ever worked in as well. Not only do I open the bleeder, I actually use a clamp (designed for the purpose) and clamp off the hose to be assured of no back flow.
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lol you always get the one guy that does it. Thats what I love about forums.

I always flush the brake system after doing a brake job.

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