A brake question


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A brake question

After having my car (93 buick century) in storage for 7 months I had a metal upon metal grind. I pulled the rear tires and drums and have one side where the wheel cylinder blew a gasket and I have brake fluid all over the brakes and drum.
Question, should I rebuild both cylinders, both were about 1 year old.
Can I clean up the linings and drum or should I replace the shoes, again about 1 year old and under 10,000 miles or replace both linings and have the drums cut.

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I personally would just replace the wheel cylinders and shoes. The drums if they are smooth can just be cleaned with brake cleaner.
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toss the shoes

I would toss the shoes as they are oil soaked replace cylinders,clean drums with brake cleaner or rubbing alcohol. question?is this a rear wheel drive if so are you sure it is brake fluid and not gear oil from a blown axle seal. Just take a smell of the fluid to find out.
If it were your brakes that let go you would have noticed more then a noise something like no brake pressure.
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93 century is front wheel drive.
I'd turn drums too it's cheap and will give you a better braking and wear on your new pads.

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