jeep door glass installation


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jeep door glass installation

If anyone has any experience installing door glass in a vehicle (hopefully a jeep wrangler) please share some tips on how to do this. I have been trying for an hour and I'm just about to break my new glass out of frustration.
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I always just tilt them a bit and slide them in, and do what ever the vehicle needs to attach the glass some glue some have screws or squeeze the glass.
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You need two people for maximum ease of installation...last thing you want to do is drop it in and have it hit bottom and break. Your assistant needs to "catch" the glass as you drop it in.

The glass needs to be dropped in from the outside of the door. Just tilt it down and line it up in the front channel first (closest to door hinge). Then as you start down with it aim it in the rear channel.

I'm assuming the glass broke and you didn't actually remove the glass from the door intact...otherwise you should be able to just reverse the procedure. So, here are the steps to remove the glass as per the service manual. This might help you figure out where you need to be for installation:

1. Remove door trim panel and water shield.
2. Remove glass down-stop.
3. Remove screws attaching guide channel to plastic fasteners. Remove guide channel and plastic fasteners.
4. Lower glass to bottom of door.
5. Remove division channel upper attaching screw and lower adjusting screw. Disengage front three inches of glass weatherstrip from upper door frame.
6. Separate division channel from front glass rubber. Pull division channel up and in toward inside of vehicle.
7. Raise and tilt glass toward hinge side of door and disengage from rear channel.
8. Pull glass up and out of door panel.


1. Lower glass into door, while positioning glass into front and rear channels.
2. Install plastic fasteners into glass.
3. Slide glass down into bottom of door panel.
4. Lower division channel into door and position glass securely in channel.
5. Engage weatherstrip in opper door frame and install uppper attaching screw and lower adjusting screw.
6. Slide guide channel onto regulator arm and position channel on glass. Install attaching screws.
7. Install glass down-stop.
8. Check operation and adjustment.
9. Install water shield and door trim panel.

It's pretty hard to get one in if you didn't actually take it out. Good luck.

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