1994 chevy astro van


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1994 chevy astro van

where is the fuel filter on 1994 chevy astro van and how do you change it
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It is in the gas tank and a bugger to change, best take it to a dealer, go to your local autoparts store and look thru or buy a Hayes or whomever repair manual for the astro it's worth the 10-12 bucks and then decide if you want to try yourself. If you do it yourself remember to get as much fuel out of the tank a possible before starting to remove it. Have a nice day. Geo
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The filter in the tank is a screen/sock on the bottom of the pump...normally only changed when replacing the pump. There is also an external inline fuel filter on the left frame side member back towards the rear of the vehicle. It is shaped like a soup can. You can just follow the lines coming out from the top of the gas tank towards the front of the vehicle and you'll find it.
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Oh, and to change it you'll need to use two wrenches to remove the fuel lines from each side of the filter. Make sure you use equal pressure on the two wrenches (one placed on the filter and the other on the line) so as to not damage the fuel lines. If you just try to use one wrench on the line you'll bend/break the fuel line and then you're in real trouble.

NOTE: Before you do this relieve the fuel pressure by disconnecting the negative battery terminal and removing the fuel filler cap to release vapor pressure.
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11/16 and 3/4 if I remember right; my wrecker has the same filter.

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