1993 mercedes 300E exaust problems


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Question 1993 mercedes 300E exaust problems

I have a 1993 Mercedes Benz 300E that idles rough, and recently started making a very loud sound coming from the exaust. Also, sometimes I smell fumes. It seems to be so loud at times that I am embarassed to drive it! Could this possibly be the catalytic converter? I have replaced the o2 sensor, hfm wiring harness and computer in this car already. Maybe it's the egr valve?
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It's hard to locate a noise over the internet. Can you find specifically where the noise is coming from?

Perhaps the converter is breaking up internally. Is your high end performance (accelerating & high speed driving) okay?

Another weak point for these cars are the spark plug boot connectors under the coils. They develop bad corrosion and are easily replaced for cheap.
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If youe exhaust is real loud and you smell exhaust coming from up underneath the car (instead of at the back), then you have a break/leak somewhere in your exhaust. Since any repair will more than likely involve cutting and welding, I suggest you take it to a muffler shop.

If the exhaust is really loud from under the hood area, you may have a cracked exhaust manifold. Either of these problems can cause rough running sometimes. Either because the leak is so big and so close to the engine that there is not enough back pressure on the engine...or the leak is allowing air to get in the exhaust and that's throwing off the oxygen sensor readings...thus causing your car to run too rich/lean.

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