,91 toyota clutch slippage


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,91 toyota clutch slippage

what,s the best way to check for a slipping clutch ? i think this is the problem on my ,91 toyota celica 4 cyl. manual transmission. I let the clutch out and the engine revs higher than it used to and it takes much longer to get going. It is as if the car is not in gear or in the wrong gear- even though I am driving it as I always have. The problem has gotten worse quite rapidly and now if I come to a stop at a stop sign or light I have to give myself plenty of time to start up again or else floor it and it will go (though very slowly) until I finally get it into high gear. Even then it seems to be "off". this is a celica gt front wheel drive 5 speed manual transmission. How difficult is it to replace the clutch if this is the problem? I have the place and tools to do it myself, but i,m not familiar with the front wheel drive.
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If it's got over 100k miles (almost a given) probably don't need to do much troubleshooting; pretty much a textbook description of a worn clutch. If you ease the front bumper up against a staionary object (wall, large tree) and let out the clutch, you should be able to stall the engine right away. If it's slipping it will be noticeable (as you've already noticed).

Not a real difficult job, but the FWD makes it a little more involved. Here's the procedure on a Corolla, doesn't look the Celica is covered on the Autozone site:

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Watch out for that first step though, it's a doozy!!

1. Remove the transaxle from the vehicle.
I just love how they put it so simply, like just a bolt or two and voila` it's out.

Ya, right.
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Yeah, I got a chuckle from that, too.

Here's the transaxle procedure:


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