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Have a 98 Buick Regal that the battery was disconected and now the radio says loc and it is a used car, I don't have $$$ to pay a dealer to fix it. How can I unlock it?
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im not sure about this but I know on some cars (hondas i think) whenever the battery is disconnected, the car has to go to the dealer and they do something to reset it. (i think its free) It is a theft deterrent thing so if someone stole your radio, they would not be able to use it. (assuming there arent crooked dealers)
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If you happen to have the owner's manual, it will tell you how to re set it if the default code is still used. If, as I did, the code is changed to the previous owner's preference, and the new code was not written in the manual, it's dealer time. I wrote my new code in the manual but who knows if it made it to the next buyer.
There are companies on line which say they will send you instructions for about $10. Buyer beware.
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Most dealers will provide you this information for free once you've proved ownership (registration card). Instead of pulling in the service area...go see the guy in the parts department. At many of the dealerships I've been to, the parts guys are the ones who look that stuff up anyway. If you pull up to the service department, they'll want to check you in (read: charge you) and then a mechanic will go ask the parts guy for the code.
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search around with google if no one has the code or they won't give it you for free, just buy another radio and put it in, You can pick up radios pretty cheap now days with mp3 and fancy styles.

Hassle the parts guys at the dealer for the code. If one won't help just keep calling dealerships eventually you will find one that will be nice. Usually the dealers way out in boondocks will help don't be afraid to call to far away.

I have never had to prove owner ship especially with older cars just be like common its a radio from 1998 who would steal that and its not worth $10.

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