99 Voyager Starter - Click, Click, Start


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99 Voyager Starter - Click, Click, Start

I have a 99 Plymouth Voyager 3.3L FI. When I turn the key it just clicks, clicks and then starts. Sometimes, two attempts, sometimes ten. I tried to order a starter relay but first of all can't find it on the fire wall anywhere; and the autoparts store doesn't carry them either. Could it be the relay (If so where is it?), the solenoid, or the starter itself? Thanks.
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sounds like a bad starter might check and clean your cables first if needed.
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Common problem

The copper contacts inside the solenoid wear out quickly. There is a repair kit you can get for about $7.Used one myself on my Voyager last year perfect ever since.Check out www.allpar.com
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you can also bring your battery to a major parts store to have it tested and you can have the starter tested to. There is only 3 things that can cause this problem.

1. low battery charge (which means you need to look into charging system if battery isn't old as dirt) or bad battery.

2. corroded connections/bad wires.

3. bad starter.
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starter going south


what you have is a denso starter that uses copper contacts.
what happens when you turn the key to the start posistion, the
selenoid (if you can really call it that) pulls up and makes contact
with the copper contacts causing the starter to turn and thus starting the engine. these starters are really easy to rebuild on your own . basically, you can replace the worn out copper contacts,
less than a $20.00 bill or you could shell out $75.00 plus for a rebuilt.
get the # off of the starter and google it to see where you can get the contacts and a build break down. here in the charlotte area, they were less than $15.00. it also stands without reason as bejay said, make sure that all your connections are free from any corrosion to elimiate that possibility.

we are here to help, let us know of how this project works out.

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wow it amazing how quickly people jump on the most obvious cause with out first investigating causes with the same symptons.

So lets just throw parts at it with out a 100% verification of the trouble causing device.

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