1999 Ford Escort Zx2 Steering problem


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Question 1999 Ford Escort Zx2 Steering problem

Hi - we have a Ford Escort ZX2, 1999. Our son drives it, but when I take it out for a quick trip, the steering seems "vague". I turn the wheel, but the car seems to "float" until I turn the wheel far enough to turn. I don't think this is right, but am not sure what the problem could be. It happens when I turn right or left, but seems to be more distinct when I turn right. Sharp turns are fine - it's just on the gradual turns that the car seems to float. Any ideas? I want this car to be safe, and I don't think it is at this time.....

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I do not know about the rack and pinion unit in this car but Ford is notorious for tie rod end problems. I usually found the right outer to be the most common.

If you are capable of checking this yourself, I would start there. If not, many garages have "free" inspections. (usually the chain type service centers)

The other thing to check is the air pressure in the tires. When it is low, it will make the steering very mushy.
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Your most likely causes are:

1. Underinflated tires
2. Worn inner or outer tie rods
3. Worn steering gear or loose steering gear assembly

The first one you can check yourself.

Number two and three I would suggest you having a professional look at...

I'm going to assume by the way that the vehicle has the correct tires on it that came with the vehicle. By correct I mean size, speed rating, and load rating. I did see one instance where a guy basically put a set of larger, lower performance (read: Grandmother's Buick's tires) tires on his sports car..the guy couldn't understand why the vehicle handled like crap.
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Don't forget about the pressure spring in the pump.

I hope your not running conti extreme contact tires those alone will cause very very very poor steering response on any vehicle.

Thats the reason why they are prices so low, no sports car enthusiast would use those tires. But they do grip ridiculously good.

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