Subaru- Oil around spark plug boots


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Subaru- Oil around spark plug boots

2001 Subaru Outback, 2.5L , 4-cylinder, 79.500 miles

I changed the spark plugs. On three of the 4 cylinders, when I pulled the wire boots out of the plug "tubes" there was motor oil around around the boots and seeping down into the tubes. Only one of the plug boots was completely dry and I see a seal surrounding the tube.

I cleaned all oil from the tubes before replacing the spark plugs. Can I try to tighten down on the valve covers or should I replace the seals? I know that I can't allow the oil to build up around the plugs. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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Replace the valve cover gasket (it should come with the spark plug tube seals)...and probably not a bad time to go ahead and replace the spark plug wires as well as they may have been damaged/contaminated with oil.
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Is this a flat 4 cuz there is no sparkplug tube seal with the flat 4 "boxster" motor.

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