95 s-10 serpentine belt squeal


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Angry 95 s-10 serpentine belt squeal

It started as a squeak, I have replaced both the tensioner and the idler pulley along with a new belt. Still squeaks, so I replaced the water pump, alternator and the ac compressor. Now I have a full blown squeal. It is quiet at idle, chirps @ 1100 rpm and turns into a squeal at 1500 rpm. What might I have missed or done wrong? I have been chasing this now for 2 weeks and am at my wits end.
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Take off the belt and start the truck...do you still get the squeal? If so, then you've been barking up the wrong tree this entire time...sorry. :-(

If not, visibly inspect the belt. Is it wet? Is it covered in oil/power steering fluid/coolant? Does it look glazed or burnt?

If the belt is okay spin each pulley by hand. Do all of them spin freely? Do you feel any grinding or roughness in any of them?

If that checks out reinstall the belt and get a mechanic's stethoscope...see if you can use this to isolate the noise to a paticular component or pulley.
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If you don't feel like doing that you can get belt dressing/conditioner.

Also you stated you replaced the a/c compressor. If that was with a reman they most likely spray painted that pulley and that will cause the belt to squeek to.
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With the belt removed it is absolutely silent! Install a brand new belt and it's quiet for about 20 miles.

Both the ac comp and the alt are new. They are not rebuilds, but both do have painted pulleys. The water pump, tensioner and idler pulley are brand new.

The belt is new (100 mi) and clean, you can work in this engine compartment and not get dirty. I have been trying a long piece of wood and a pry bar to try to "hear" something and isolate it, but no luck.

The only thing not brand new is the power steering pump. It shows no signs of leaking or wobble and I can turn stop to stop without affecting the noise at all.
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If it is the spray paint kind of paint and not the anodized, that will cause a squeek.

I had to wire brush that paint off when I threw something on that had a painted pulley to get that squeek away.

Belt dressing works fine to. There is nothing wrong with using belt dressing, it also makes belts last longer to.

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